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You paint your way to excellence at work, you paint at home, but you can't seem to keep them separate.

Uncover a story about the balance between work and life—a story about color and its leaking nature—a ten-minute story about a lifetime of habits.

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Game Designer, Artist: Aria Mohebi 

Programmer: Benjamin Greenhalgh

Sound Designer: Alex Castonguay

Sound Designer, Composer: Jordan Ruhala

Poem: Ariel Filipovic


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Painting Lacy.zip 148 MB
PaintingLacy.zip 145 MB


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Creative narration!

well Done:)

Powerful experience! As an artist and a father/husband, I really felt the tension this game is describing. The balance between work and relationships, the monotony and loneliness. Very poignant little game with INCREDIBLE music. Very very well done. Very rare to walk away from games with these sorts of emotions. 

Thank you Aria and team for crafting this :)  


ManylyBadassHero played your game


This game had no business making me as sad as it did in only 10 minutes 10/10

Fantastic experience full of small details that enrich the short story as each day passes


Are there multiple endings?


There is only one ending to this game. Although there are many secrets hidden throughout the game and a second playthrough will help reveal them. 


I have played through multiple times, each time talking to Lacy as much as possible.


I recommend this game, its a compressed experience, full of emotions in so a short game. It is awesome and worth to play. 


Thank you for the kind comment; we're glad you enjoyed our game. 


Enjoyed playing through this! Thought everything worked really well with eachother


It's very eye opening. Awesome choice of music!


Brilliant and creative idea, amazing!